Magento® support services from NEKLO professionals

We provide a full range of Magento support services: Magento installation and configuration, quality assurance and consultation, system administration and extensions installation.

Magento® stores require special technical knowledge to operate them as there might occur situations a non-programmer can’t cope with. And that is exactly what our team of experts is here for. Having expertise and a deep understanding of the core Magento® operation principles we will do all the work for you.

Magento® Installation and Configuration

We offer you a full range of high-grade Magento® services. Whether you need to optimize your Magento® performance, move to a newer version or add some specific features to your store, our dedicated Magento® team is at your service. We will set everything up to enable correct work of your store and help you achieve a better performance.

Magento® Extensions Installation and Setting

Help needed with the extensions? Do not hesitate to contact us for our assistance. We will perform all the works necessary to extend the basic functionality of your store with the extensions chosen. We will install and set them up for you, so that you could enjoy new features to the fullest straight away.

Being focused on helping you present your business online properly and in a way it attracts customers and drives sales we continuously improve our products. Please, check your account with us for the Magento® extensions updates. The updates will be provided to you completely free of charge once you bought an initial extension.

System Administration

To help you get the best out of Magento® we provide comprehensive system administration, including Magento® deployment on any hosting, load balancing, moving to a cloud, building a failure safe cluster or whatever else is needed.

Whenever there’s an issue arising on any of your servers, thanks to our system of automatic alerts the team of system administrator will immediately know of it, able to fix it at once. That means that you get our support 24 hours 7 days a week, completely protected from any emergency situations.

Get protected

No more worrying for you about the technical side of your store. With our support all you are to think about is your sales.

Quality Assurance

In addition to troubleshooting and bug fixes we offer you a set of additional quality assurance services. To understand what in particular should be done to make your store faster and a more advanced one, we’ll arrange a load testing of your Magento® to analyze the way its resources are used and detect the bottlenecks the system has. During all the support period we will arrange a scheduled load testing of your store to ensure that everything works fine.

Magento® Enterprise Edition Support

Whatever service is needed we will help you to stay in total control of your business, leveraging the opportunities the Enterprise version offers.

Expert Consultation

Got a question regarding your Magento®? Feel free to contact us on any issue you want our guidance or assistance on and we’ll make everything done.